Kevin Owens is wrestling again



Roughly one month ago, WWE ran an angle on Monday Night Raw that saw The Judgment Day take Kevin Owens out. It was an injury angle designed to write him off television but rumors quickly got out that he was legitimately hurt and it turned out he had been working for some time with a broken rib.


Thankfully, the SummerSlam card was already full and they found a window they could give him some time off to get healthy again. It would appear that time has come to an end, as he is back wrestling again.

Indeed, he wrestled in a dark match after Friday Night SmackDown this week and then followed that up by working a house show in Ottawa on Saturday. He worked a pair of six-man tag team matches, so he didn’t have to shoulder the entire load, but he apparently looked just fine out there.

It’s reasonable to think we can expect him back on television anytime.

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