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Kevin Owens once said that it was a “dream” of his to fight against Brock Lesnar. But the latest WWE rumors suggest that his “special event” match against the former UFC fighter has many layers to it, and, in fact, plays an important role in the ongoing blood rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg!

That’s the word according to Bleacher Report, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that, when Owens faces off against Goldberg in the upcoming Fastlane Pay-Per-View match, he’ll be doing so with the intent of successfully defeating Goldberg. Bleacher Report is of the opinion that Owens’ defeat of Goldberg will be a “passing of the torch” of sorts from the older generation to the younger one, much as The Undertaker is doing with Roman Reigns.

“This match is about more than the championship in KO’s grasp, though. Owens vs. Goldberg can change an ascending Superstar’s career forever. The choice ahead for WWE at Fastlane is between the here and now and the New Era. It’s a choice between halting Owens’ momentum or amplifying it. As a bonus, KO coming out on top is an outcome few would see coming.”

How does this add an additional layer to Owens’ subsequent match against Brock Lesnar?

According to CBS Sports‘ latest round of WWE rumors, as we all know, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar have a sworn blood rivalry with each other. This blood rivalry has been going on for decades, at this point, and it’s going to extend to WrestleMania when the two face off against one another in a match that will, hopefully, last longer than 90 seconds.

Where does Kevin Owens fit into this? He has something that both superstars want: a title belt. But this doesn’t exactly make for good news for Owens’ bro-mance with Chris Jericho.

“With the Owens-Goldberg match later being made official, it falls in line with what many have predicted entering WrestleMania — Goldberg and Lesnar fighting for the universal title. That would be a rematch from Survivor Series, but the two also fought each other in the Royal Rumble match with Goldberg once again getting the best of Lesnar by quickly eliminating him. To follow this scenario, Goldberg would presumably defeat Owens, taking the title into WrestleMania against Lesnar. Owens would then be understandably angry with Jericho, and the two ‘best friends’ would square off in a match of their own, possibly for the U.S. title.”

Sounds like things are heating up in the ring! Finally, some excitement!

Of course, the latest round of WWE rumors from Ringside News agrees with the assessment that Kevin Owens will overtake Goldberg at Fastlane. Like the other outlets, Ringside feels as though this “changing of the guard” is not only necessary to keep the New Era going, it gives us, as fans, a break from the already-oversaturated rivalry between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. (Leave it to Raw to beat a storyline into the ground.) In addition, Owens beating Goldberg has a certain shock factor — one that fans of the WWE won’t see coming — so there’s the added benefit of that as well.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors in the comments below.

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