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Kenny Omega Says He’s All For AEW and WWE Working Together, Talks Talent Tradeoff Being Good For Wrestling


AEW superstar and current Executive VP Kenny Omega was a recent guest on Wrestling Observer Radio where the Cleaner revealed that he’d actually be open to working with competitor WWE if they were interested. Omega, who will be challenging for the AEW world title on December 2nd, says that a talent tradeoff of that level would be good for the sport of wrestling.

If, for some reason, WWE came knocking on our door and said, ‘hey, we would love to do a talent switch or tradeoff, or work together on something, I’d be all for it.

Whatever benefits the wrestling fan must always come first. When you start thinking about fantasy scenarios, if wrestlers crossed over like that, it gets really exciting.

You can listen to Omega’s full interview (subscription required) with the Observer here.

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