Kenny Omega On Never Working For WWE: “I Am Absolutely Content With Never Having Stepped Foot Through Those Doors.”


New Executive Vice President of AEW, and former IWGP Heavyweight champion Kenny Omega was a guest on the Mac Attack along with Brandi Rhodes and Hangman Page. When host Ryan McKinnell asked Omega if his legacy would be incomplete unless he went to WWE , Omega didn’t hesitate to say that he was content never stepping foot through their doors.

Of course. I have a different take on the wrestling business. For me…the landscape of professional wrestling has changed so much. It’s almost shocking now days especially in 2019 for people to still have that perception. That you haven’t even made the big time unless you’ve stepped through those doors. It’ so different now and it’s almost like…it’s childish to even say that at this point. I mean…the things that I’ve done in Tokyo for New Japan at the Tokyo Dome and Dominion in Osaka…it’s just like…I’ve seen their best guys, I’ve seen their best shows, I’ve seen them put their best foot forward, and for me I am absolutely content with never having stepped foot through those doors. I respect their talent…I know there’s fantastic wrestlers there. Of course. But I don’t feel like any less of a performer, any less of a man, or that I’ve had any less of a career if I haven’t ever worked there. If I do one day…so be it. I’d love to work with those guys. But I’m happily content right now being in the position I’m in with AEW.

Check out the audio clip below, and the full episode here.

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