Kavita Devi On Her Appearance & Wrestlemania 34 & The Tryouts In India


Kavita Devi, the first Indian-born female in WWE history, recently sat down with WrestlingInc. for an interview. During the interview, she discussed her appearance at Wrestlemania, the excitement that the tryouts are bringing to the Indian wrestling market and more. Here are the highlights:

On The Importance Of The Indian Market:

WWE knows that the Indian audience consumes a lot of WWE content and follow the product. Indian fans also aspire to become WWE Superstars, and the Indian market is one of the biggest, if not the biggest market for WWE. So, the WWE officials believe and know that there is a wealth of talent in India, and they need Indian talent [in WWE]. That’s the reason why they are coming to India with tryouts in March for the very first time in history. That is because they know that India has the potential and talent that they want.

On Wrestling At Wrestlemania 34:

That was a fantastic experience. I had tears in my eyes just thinking about me getting the opportunity to represent my country in front of millions of people and on a global platform. I felt proud; in fact, it’s difficult to explain the emotions I was going through. My dreams, and the dreams of a billion people back in India were realized. All I kept thinking about was how proud my countrymen were to see a girl that no one thought even in their dreams would one day compete at WrestleMania stand in the middle of the ring.

On The WWE Tryouts Causing Excitement In India:

I don’t think there has been a bigger opportunity for the Indian fans until now. The Indian fans dream about becoming global stars, of becoming professional wrestlers, and WWE is coming to their doorstep to give them a chance. They’re sending invitations, calling fans who aspire to become wrestlers, and I don’t think there can be a bigger chance for the Indian talent. So, they have to apply for the tryouts and prepare themselves.

On The Tryouts Attracting Athletes Outside Of Wrestling:

The company isn’t inviting just wrestlers or people with a wrestling background. It doesn’t matter what sport you’ve played until now. You can still participate in the tryouts.

You can check out the interview, which is in Hindi, below:

Credit: WrestlingInc.

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