Kane Believes Undertaker Will Wrestle Again, Attitude Era’ The ‘Golden Age’


Source: The Ross Report

On recently ofThe Ross Report WWE Superstar Kane, was a guest.  Kane called WWE’s Attitude Era, “the golden age” of professional wrestling, whether The Undertaker will wrestle another match and other wrestling topics. Here are the some highlights:

On called WWE’s ‘Attitude Era’ the “golden age” of pro wrestling:

“That was the golden age. So much of life is timing and the timing just worked out. I mean, you had the right people at the right time and just everything worked. And when things are effortless and just everything is smooth and flows, that’s what it was like for a couple of years. It was just amazing and such a joy. And now, you look back and when you’re in the middle of it, you don’t appreciate it like you should and you get on the other side and you’re like, ‘man, that was awesome!’ and that’s sort of how I am. I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have while it was going on because it was truly a special time. And, again, frankly, and not because there aren’t talented people [nowadays] and not because folks don’t work hard, it’s just because it’s a matter of timing and that was the right time and it was just awesome. It was very unique.”

According to Kane, the Monday Night Wars put a lot of pressure for the performers to succeed and it became a matter of pride.

On his [Kane] Favorite Match and Opponent:

“People ask me what’s my favorite match [and] who’s my favorite opponent. I hate those questions because I have had the honor of being in the ring with so many great performers. I’ve had so many matches that it’s hard for me to say this or that is my favorite and it’s all different. But, I mean, in the end, Undertaker’s going to be my favorite tag team partner because our stories are so intertwined as well as the personal relationship that I have with him.”

On If The Undertaker will wrestle again:

Kane indicated that ‘The Deadman’ deserves to do what he wants to do and his decision to wrestle more will be made based on the quality of performance. Additionally, ‘The Devil’s Favorite Demon’ (sorry, Finn), floated the idea of one more run with ‘The Phenom’.

“He deserves and I think he’ll be able to do what he wants and it’s going to be up to him. And in the end, I think it’ll be, his decision will be the quality of what it is. And certainly, he [has] been one of those guys that when you watch him at WrestleMania, it’s like, ‘golly, does the guy ever age?’ And I think that will ultimately be how he feels he will be able to perform will be the deciding factor.”

Kane added, “I’ll tell you this: I’d like to have one more match with him. I’d like to do maybe the Brothers Of Destruction one last time, but that’s not something that we’re going to do. The guy has had an absolutely phenomenal, legendary career, so I think pretty much everything is icing on the cake and not the cake itself at this point.”

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