Juninho uses Cristiano Ronaldo to humiliate Rudi Garcia


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It’s no secret, it’s not the mad love between Rudi Garcia and Juninho. In the past, the Brazilian has already publicly attacked the former OL coach and his way of working and behaving. In a new interview, given to ButFutebolhe did it again about the coach of Al Nassr, who will now have Cristiano Ronaldo under his command.

“My experience with Rudi Garcia was terrible. He is the worst character I have known in my entire football career. If you don’t know how to lead anything, lead by the fear you impose on others. He only respects people who have power or who he can take advantage of. Now, as far as CR7 is concerned, he won’t dare to do anything that bothers him, on the contrary, he would even go and serve him breakfast if necessary. He will try to be friends with Cristiano, to be intimate and he will do anything for that. It will be a dream for him to be friends with Cristiano Ronaldo. For Rudi Garcia, the success of the team matters little, the harmony of the locker room. It is important that he is the center of attention, even if it is in crisis. But like all very cold human beings, he recognizes those who are taller than him and tries to take advantage of them. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest in football history, a legend, and Rudi knows it”, launched the Brazilian. Friendly…

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Juninho uses Cristiano Ronaldo to humiliate Rudi Garcia 24hfootnews.

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