Jonny Fairplay Gives His Thoughts On Brock Lesnar & Recalls What A.J. Styles Told Him About Working With Lesnar


Jonny Fairplay, a moonlighting participant in TNA and an icon from the show “Survivor”, was recently a guest on Pancakes and Powerslams. During the podcast, he discussed his admiration for Brock Lesnar, as well as what A.J. Styles told him about working with “The Beast”. Here are the highlights:

Fairplay On What A.J. Styles Said About Working With Lesnar:

I saw AJ [Styles] almost a year ago. They did the big Starrcade thing in Greensboro last year. And it was right after Survivor Series, [and] I was just like, you know, ‘hey, I don’t like you being roughed up by Brock [Lesnar].’ And he goes, ‘that’s a night off. Brock’s stuff just looks good, it don’t hurt. [It’s] great! A.J. told me that he loved his match with Lesnar and if he had his way he’d wrestle him a hundred more times.

On Lesnar Having The Best Facial Expressions In The Business:

I think when he’s happy, you see happy. When he’s mad, you see mad. When he’s stunned, you see stunned. I just think that he says so much with his face, that if you’re an opponent of Brock Lesnar, it’s not like you have to do 800 moves in your match. You can honestly have a match with like 10 moves total, and it could be a 15-minute match.

You can watch the episode of “Pancakes and Powerslams” with Jonny Fairplay below:

Credit: Pancakes & Powerslams. H/T WrestlingInc.

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