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Jon Moxley Says Renee Young Has a Lengthy Non-Compete Clause


During a media scrum for AEW’s All Out PPV, Moxley was asked about Renee Young and any chance we’d be seeing her in AEW – Backstage or in his corner. Moxley jokingly answered that she’d be nowhere near his corner tonight because she doesn’t like blood. He added that she has an extensive non-compete clause so she won’t be seen in another wrestling company for a while. He said that she was backstage during the PPV and if it weren’t for the non-compete clause she would have popped on camera tonight if she wanted to.

“But ultimately, her main goals lie outside of wrestling,” Moxley answered, “But I expect her to have her toe dipped in because she’s so ingrained in wrestling. So I assume she’ll have her toe dipped in in some way, but I want her to have that Katie Couric/Good Morning America gig so I can just have a sugar momma.”

We previously reported that Young would be on a 90-day no compete clause. This would not stop her from working somewhere else, such as Fox. Outside of wrestling, she’s been working on a cookbook.

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