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Jon Moxley on If He Still Talks to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, Talking to Renee Young Before Speaking Out About WWE, More


As seen above, AEW star Jon Moxley recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet for an interview on several topics. Moxley revealed that he asked wife Renee Young if there was anything she didn’t want him to say before he did the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast earlier this year, the episode where he revealed the various reasons he left WWE and spoke out about the company. Moxley said Renee is “untouchable” at WWE.

“So, like, she didn’t give a fuck,” Moxley said. “She’s untouchable. She’s completely irreplaceable, you know, in her spot. So no fear of reprisals.”

Moxley also talked about the lack of a reaction deceived from WWE workers after the podcast.

“No, I expected that. I expected it to be way worse,” Moxley said. “I assume I’m just kind of persona non-grata there now, which is fine. But I just felt like I did everything right in the way out. I gave my body to that company. I did everything, I did everything right. I was a model employee for them. But I also had to eat a lot of shit. And I think it was more than fair to at least just kind of like tell my side of the story about some of this stuff just so that now we can start fresh. Which we did at Double Or Nothing.”

Moxley was asked about keeping up with his former brothers in The Shield, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, and said he doesn’t talk to them as much because of how busy everyone is.

“You get in the bubble. You’re busy. I mean, not really. Not so much,” Moxley said about keeping in touch with Rollins and Reigns. “A little bit. You know, text Roman a little bit here and there. But he’s super busy. I mean, they’re so busy in the bubble and stuff, you know, and I’m busy, too.”

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