John Morrison Responds To Randy Orton’s Recent ‘Dive’ Comments


Former WWE Superstar John Morrison joined The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast ahead of 5 Star Wrestling’s 128 man tournament, which is set to be the biggest ever staged in wrestling. Morrison will defend his 5 Star Wrestling Championship in the tournament, which starts in Liverpool on Saturday 10th June and will be held at arenas across the UK over the space of 30 weeks. During the interview, Morrison responded to Randy Orton’s recent controversial comments about independent wrestling.

“I read his tweet and laughed at it,” Morrison said. “It’s classic Randy. Ultimately, as far as Randy goes and his career, he’s clearly one of the most successful wrestlers of all time. He’s never been a guy that’s done dives because he’s never had to and it’s his prerogative too. That’s not the style of wrestling that he wanted to do. I think there are instances where people take it too far but ultimately in my opinion, wrestling is for the people and if everyone keeps that in mind, what’s happening in the ring and the energy that’s being exchanged between the performers in the ring and the fans and capturing that on TV as your televised wrestling but because wrestling is for the people, everything is subjective and just opinions.

“There’s going to be your Randy Orton, your Vader, your Jim Cornette, your Will Ospreay, your Richochet and all those people have different fortes and different strong suits and tell different stories. I feel like I like to blend all that stuff, like grounded storytelling but also I liked watching guys like Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam in ECW and they were doing all kinds of crazy stuff. I was jumping off the couch when I was watching those guys, so to me there’s a place for everything. Ultimately, it’s not even really up to me or any of the wrestlers. It should be up to the fans to cheer for what they like.”

The full interview with Morrison will be available this Friday and also includes his thoughts on his former WWE tag team partner The Miz, if he would return to WWE, his new movie Boone: The Bounty Hunter and more.

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