John Cena Talks Upcoming Return to the Ring, No WWE TV Appearances for Cena?


John Cena recently spoke with The Toronto Sun to promote Bumblebee and said he’s looking forward to returning to the ring for WWE at RAW and SmackDown live events later this month.

“I do apologize for being away for so long, but I have these wonderful opportunities to try and be a part of another storytelling universe that I truly enjoy,” Cena said. “The WWE is the place that for the past 15 years I’ve had the absolute most fun. I very much look forward to getting back there.”

While Cena is scheduled for the January 7 RAW TV show from Orlando, it sounds like he won’t be appearing on the actual broadcast that night as Cena said none of the upcoming appearances are for TV.

“I was given the choice of taking one month to catch my breath and live what I would call a normal life. It took me about two seconds to turn that down. On December 26th, I return to Madison Square Garden and do a nice live event run with the WWE right up through the middle of January,” Cena said. “None of these shows are televised. I’m literally just doing it because I want to get back to a place I feel most comfortable and to working with people I can call my family. And I want to have some fun.”

Cena continued, “I know that my return is going to come with some mixed opinions — especially because I’ve been away and I’ve got a stupid haircut now — but that’s what’s great about the WWE audience. They are fanatical. They are obsessive. They are loud as hell and it’s going to be a fun experience. I’m glad I can come back.”

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