John Cena Talks Hair Style, WWE Fans Wanting Him to Turn Heel, More on Late Night with Seth Meyers


Above is new video of John Cena on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers program last night to promote the new “Bumblebee” Transformers spin-off movie.

Cena talked more about the negative reactions to his new hair style. As noted earlier this week, Cena told Jimmy Kimmel that he will not be getting a haircut before he returns to the ring at WWE live events next week.

“So about that. For all the machismo and bravado that oozes out of the WWE and its audience, they’re so shaken by a damn haircut,” Cena said when Meyers admits he was surprised to see the cut backstage. “Guys, I’ve been rocking an $8 fade for 20 years, and I finally decided to grow it out. I’m sorry to make you uncomfortable, I am.”

Meyers joked that Cena is sporting a very corporate haircut these days. Cena said, “I’m in a damn three-piece suit, man. It’s the whole Clark Kent thing.”

Meyers then joked that Cena’s new wrestling name should be The CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Cena laughed and responded, “The finishing maneuver could be called Think Outside The Box. Yeah, man. Well, that’s 2019 for me. Right on!”

Regarding the new Bumblebee movie, Cena said he’s glad to be playing the villain. That led to discussion about a potential heel turn for Cena in WWE.

“It’s weird with me because I am supposed to be the hero, but I’m actually the heel, and everyone’s just like, ‘Man, why don’t you just turn bad so you can be cool again!’,” Cena continued. “Wait, wouldn’t that make me good? I don’t even know. And it’s fun to like go into the WWE warpzone with those folks. They think I’m supposed to be a bad guy to be a good guy, but aren’t I already being a bad guy? Just wait until the debut of The CFO.”

Cena also talked about the late 1980s, when the new Bumblebee movie takes place, growing up with his four brothers and their wrestling ring in the basement, his first car, and more. Below is the second clip from the interview:

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