John Cena Sr. Says ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy Character Won’t Work In WWE


Above is another recent interview with John Cena Sr. for Boston Wrestling Sports where he gave his thoughts on “Woken” Matt Hardy.

“Been there. Done that. Let’s move on,” Cena said. “It might start a little bit of a fire in WWE, I give it 30 days, 45 days, before it gets watered on, and the ‘Woken’ becomes broken.”

Cena was asked if he had the booking power, how would he handle Wyatt vs. Hardy, and he was clear that Wyatt would go over in this feud.

“I’d put Bray Wyatt over! He would break the ‘Woken,’ Cena said. “He’d break him in half, the worms would cover him and it’s over. Bury him out back next to Sister Abigail, it’s over, it’s done with. No, I’m sorry, that’s not even fair to Bray Wyatt.”

Hardy and Anthem Sports & Entertainment over the ownership of the “Broken” intellectual property, Hardy and WWE were finally able to move forward with WWE putting the obvious “Woken” spin on the name. Cena felt like all of this news has potentially hurt the gimmick with fans.

“I don’t think it’s going to help anybody, I really don’t,” Cena replied. “I think Matt has kind of made a mistake, because what worked before, might not necessarily work again. And the fans were so agitated by Impact Wrestling and what’s been done, it’s kind of like, they’ve heard so much about it now, it’s kind of sour. It’s more frosting on the cake, but it’s too sweet.”

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