John Cena Reveals Why ‘He Wanted To Be A Free Agent’, Alex Riley On Vince McMahon And Triple H


– John Cena explained in a recent interview with Complex that he’s currently a free agent on the WWE roster because he doesn’t know if he’ll be available to be specific to RAW or SmackDown and that his days in the ring are numbered.

“The reason that I wanted to be a free agent and the reason they kind of granted my request is because I don’t know if I’ll be available for Smackdown specific only or Raw specific only, and I also know that my days are numbered,” Cena told Complex. “I just turned 40 in April and we have so many young and talented performers, I don’t know how many years I have left. So in the time I have left, I’m gonna do what I can to dedicate to this company I just want to be able to do it the most time that I possibly can.”

– Alex Riley made an appearance on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 to speak on How Vince McMahon and Triple H treated him.

How Vince McMahon and Triple H treated him:

“Vince McMahon [and] Triple H, they were straight [with me]. They were straight shooters and I always loved when somebody would say, ‘We’re just not gonna do it right now, sorry’ rather than bulls—ting me, and they never did. I heard – and I kind of got the feeling – that Vince was always a pretty big supporter of mine, so, hey, what a compliment to have. And I hope I’m making them very proud right now.”

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