Jinder Mahal On Which WWE Star Is His Dream Opponent, Winning The WWE Championship


Source: The Hindustan Times

The Hindustan Times has an interview with Jinder Mahal ahead of his WWE Championship match against Randy Orton this Sunday at Backlash. Below are some highlights:

Representing India in WWE:

“I’m very proud to be representing India in the WWE. It makes me proud that I’m representing all of them on such a big scale and I hope I can become WWE Champion and make all of India proud.”

Possibly becoming WWE Champion:

“I’m one win away from becoming WWE Champion. One win away from making all my dreams come true and changing my life. I’m going to be more aggressive and I’m training harder now. I’m not the champion yet but that’s the goal – to be WWE Champion.”

His dream opponent in WWE:

“I would like to face John Cena next. Hopefully, I will be WWE Champion when the time to face Cena comes.”

Jinder also discussed learning Punjabi before English, his uncle Gama Singh and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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