Jimmy Jacobs On How Vince McMahon Originally Felt About ‘205 Live


Jimmy Jacobs was recently a guest on the Talk Is Jericho podcast and discussed 205 Live and some of his favorite storylines he wrote for WWE.

Jacobs said he thinks 205 Live is in a tough spot in that it comes on after SmackDown Live. He pointed out that the cruiserweight division lacks the star power of the past. Jacobs also mentioned how the high-flying style is prevalent among wrestlers who aren’t cruiserweights, so 205 Live is not as much of an attraction as it should be.

“Vince was really excited about 205 Live when it first started, but I really think in a lot of ways, but they were in a really tough position, right off the bat. First off, being on at 10 p.m., after 2 hours of SmackDown without any stars, so it is really hard to create stars from non-stars. You need somebody that people know. I need to know that Noam Dar has at least met Chris Jericho, they are in completely different universes,” Jacobs said. “Other thing is that there’s really no demand for the show. Look, this isn’t 20 years ago when WCW at the top of the card was Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Big Show, or Lex Luger; you had Jericho, Rey Mysterio; I mean, the top of the WWE card those guys can go. Seth Rollins does the 205 Live style better than the 205 Live guys do, so where is the demand? Now you see smaller guys, lesser stars, doing stuff not really as good as those on the main roster. John Cena is even doing Springboard Diamond Cutters; that style has really permeated on the main roster. It’s a really tough position they are in. I give those guys a lot of credit from the talents to the Writer’s. It was and is a really tough job.”

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