Jim Ross On How WWE Should Bring Back CM Punk


On episode 164 of Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, ‘Good Ol’ J.R.’ Jim Ross shared his thoughts on talent WWE should sign.

During the interview, Ross, who was head of WWE’s Talent Relations during its booming Attitude Era, was asked by ‘Prime Time’ Sam Roberts who he would try to sign if he was asked to take over WWE Talent Relations now. In response, Ross immediately named Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, and Kazuchika Okada as potential signees.

“Well, I’m certainly going to try to find another way to bring Chris Jericho back at some point, maybe at a WrestleMania, not [2018], but [2019]. Looking ahead. I’m probably going to try to get Kenny Omega signed. I’m going to find out the interest [level] from Kazuchika Okada because I think he’s one of the best in the whole world. He’s a good looking young man. He’s 29 [years old], I think. He’s 6’3″ or [6’4″], 6’3″, I think. He’s really, really good. I had his three matches with Omega this year on AXS TV on the Friday night show I do for [Mark] Cuban’s network, so he’d be a guy.”

Ross indicated that he would try to get one more run out of CM Punk.

“I would try to figure out a way if there’s one more run in CM Punk. And ‘one more run’ to me means this: a WrestleMania, not 10, not two, not three, a WrestleMania. Start with let’s build to the right build and the crescendo is WrestleMania. And the only other way I’d do him is have him return at WrestleMania and not be on television. Sign, train, vignettes, vignettes, little angle, boom. His first match is WrestleMania. Yeah, that way there’s no pressure on anybody.”

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