Jim Ross Undergoes Surgery For Skin Cancer


WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross revealed on his latest podcast that he’d be undergoing surgery today to remove the last remaining skin cancer from his shoulder. This procedure was a follow up to his initial surgery in 2016.

While a serious procedure, Ross assured everyone that he will still be participating in Chris Jericho’s Cruise next week.

JR also commented on Roman Reigns and his announcement that his leukemia has returned:

Sometimes in our lives in wrestling, when we think we’ve seen everything, something comes along once or twice in a career, maybe once in a lifetime that creates an event or a moment that can’t be replicated with auditions, scripts, rehearsals and walkthroughs. The fact that WWE allowed Roman to come to the ring and make this announcement in his own words, and I assure you, they were in his own words, I thought was very admirable.

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