Jim Ross Talks About When He and Vince McMahon Were Stopped By Police


As seen above, Inside The Ropes has released a clip from one of their live stage shows with WWE Hall of Famer and AEW Senior Advisor Jim Ross. JR talked about the time he and Vince McMahon were pulled over by a police officer.

JR recalled how he was traveling in one car with Vince, while Bruce Prichard was behind them in another car with WWE Hall of Famers “Cowboy” Bill Watts and Pat Patterson. It sounds like the story may have taken place in 1994 or 1995.

“Well, Vince always bragged that he had great reactions,” JR said. “‘… JR, I have great hand and eye coordination, I also have great depth perception. So I know exactly how far we are bumper to bumper.’ I said, ‘Even going 80?’ So they had this construction on the interstate, the highway, the main road, right? They put these great big, orange and white barrels, like construction barrels to give you caution. They had them over the center stripes because they’d just been painting the stripes, they didn’t want you to run over the stripes, so the paint would dry and look nice and legible.

“So we’re going trough these damn barrels like we’re driving figure-eights, at 80mph in a Lincoln. He’d turn here, ding – there goes a barrel, ding – there goes another barrel. Traffic was slowing down behind us. [Pat] Patterson and Bruce Prichard and “Cowboy” Bill Watts, who was there for his WWE coffee, were riding in the car, so I got saddled with the old man. Now, little did they know, they’re back in the back, drinking beer and laughing, and playing grab-ass, and I’m talking business and trying to further my career. I ain’t got no issues telling anybody that. I’m building a foundation to a career, and I want to make this thing work, and I’m with the guy that can make that happen.”

JR went on about how Vince kept hitting the barrels while speeding, until the inevitable happened – they were pulled over by the State Police. The stop ended with the trooper making a reference to WWE Hall of Famer Big Boss Man, and Vince getting a ticket.

“So, we’re hitting all these damn things, boom – boom – boom, so finally, inevitably, here come the lights, police, the State Police,” JR recalled. “This guy pulls us over. Remember the days when we wore those RAW jackets, RAW Is War, Vince had a black one, all black and it had this RAW logo, and I had one that was black with red sleeves, and I wore those Michael Jordan tennis shoes, black and red shoes. I don’t know… my late wife, God bless her, thought they would look good. So, in any event, it was what it was. So, we’re still in our gear… me and my little hat, at the time a cheap hat. So, Vince says, ‘Get your hat on.’ So he rolls the window down, ‘Hello officer, I’m Vince McMahon, WWE. We were just in Columbus filming our national TV show, Monday Night RAW and RAW Is War. This is Good ‘Ol JR.’ The cops looking at me like, ‘Is this son of a bitch for real?’ I ain’t saying nothing yet, which is hard to believe, too.

“So he says, ‘What’s the problem officer?’ And, ‘Well Mr. McMahon, you were going 82mph in a 55, and you were knocking over cones. That’s public property you’re destroying.’ Vince, ‘Wait a minute… well, we were in a hurry. Did I tell you we were in Columbus, producing our Monday night television show, Monday Night RAW and RAW Is War. You know this is Good ‘Ol JR, right?’ So the guy finally says, ‘Well, alright, I kinda see what’s happening here. So I guess that must make me The Big Boss Man. He wrote the ticket, there it was. Vince looked at the ticket, ‘Thank you officer, thanks for your service.’ He took the ticket, threw it over his head to the back seat. We drove just as fast leaving as we did getting stopped. He goes, ‘God damn it, I got good hand and eye coordination, and depth perception.’”

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