Jim Ross Says Undertaker should lose at Summerslam and Beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania


Recently WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross took to his blog Tuesday to fantasy book how the bout should play out at “SummerSlam.” He goes on to say the final chapter between the two should be at WrestleMania.

“Putting on my booking hat for a moment, I would take the Summer Slam match in a different direction than the predictable Undertaker wins which necessitates a ‘rubber match’ between the two in April 2016 in Texas at Wrestlemania. I suggest that Lesnar win at Summer Slam, perhaps by a bad call by a referee that might even be ‘arranged’ by Paul Heyman, which necessitates Taker disappearing for a few months only to return in vignette form with an bone chilling message. Taker declares that he will have his FINAL match at Wrestlemania Texas and that he wants Lesnar. Taker has to know if it’s simply not meant to be that he can’t beat Lesnar because Taker has always found away to defeat everyone else that he’s ever faced. He challenges Lesnar to be Taker’s ‘career assassin’ and fight the Deadman and essentially put Taker out of his pain and misery, figuratively.

‘My career and my legacy will either live or die in Texas with 100,000 witnesses,’ the Deadman would declare.

@HeymanHustle tries in vain to talk Lesnar out of accepting the challenge knowing full well that Taker’s ‘LAST RIDE’ will be dangerously physical and potentially a career ender for Lesnar too. Lesnar listens to Heyman but eventually and defiantly accepts the challenge saying that Brock owes it to the Undertaker as a man and that Brock, the avid outdoorsman, loves to hunt and harvest ‘big game.’

Heyman sees his meal ticket being in ultimate jeopardy considering that Undertaker has declared that his career will live or die in Taker’s last match which will be at the biggest WWE Wrestlemania of all time.

In Taker’s last match, he wins a legit, Slobber Knocker after which, much to the shock and awe of everyone watching, eyes Lesnar, relaxes his expression and either embraces or shakes hands with his toughest foe ever out of respect for the Beast Incarnate who broke “The Streak.” Taker figuratively passes the torch to Lesnar s the toughest animal in WWE which makes Lesnar an even bigger fan favorite.”

The Undertaker has never beaten Lesnar by pinfall or submission in a one-on-one match.

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