Jim Ross On Paige Returning To WWE


Source: JR’s BBQ

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at Here are some highlights:

Paige returning to WWE:

“I’ve got no dog in the hunt on this matter, but since many have asked me about this, I’ll simply say that I’d love to see Paige back in the WWE competing with the talented, women’s roster that’s in place. Paige has incredible skills and I only hope that this potential opportunity to resume her career in WWE when she’s healthy [and it’s being] taken seriously by all involved. There is nowhere else in the world for women wrestlers to do better financially than in WWE. Plus, there is no better time to be a women’s wrestler than now in WWE.”

Brock Lesnar getting called out by UFC Fighter Jon Jones:

“Jon Jones challenged Brock Lesnar after Jones KO win over Daniel Cromier at UFC214 [on] Saturday night and the UFC found out what they needed to know, and that is the public will buy a Bones-Brock battle in the Octagon. I’m thinking to the tune of 1 million buys on PPV when this one likely happens in 2018. This main event gives UFC a ‘hit,’ without question, while they await other stars to either return to form (George St-Pierre and Conor McGregor) or continue to evolve as legit, PPV selling main eventers. Also, I don’t see any scenario at this time that would drive any wedges between Lesnar and WWE regarding the WWE star being able to go collect a massive, seven figure plus payday while keeping his name in the public eye.”

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