Jim Ross Says He’ll Be ‘Shocked’ If Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Return To WWE In 2018


Many have wondered whether or not Hulk Hogan will ever return to the WWE. In a recent interview with Business Insider, legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross discussed his view on the situation.

“I don’t have any insider knowledge that Hulk will be back in WWE, but if he isn’t in 2018, I will be shocked,” Ross said.

The WWE terminated its contract with Hogan in 2015 after a sex tape leaked that included him making anti-black remarks and expressing anger at the thought of his daughter dating a black man. He also used the n-word multiple times. The WWE removed nearly all references to Hogan from its website, including his entry from its WWE Hall Of Fame page. It also removed his merchandise from the WWE Shop and ceased his inclusion in its video games. Ross said he believed it’s time to offer Hogan forgiveness.

You can listen full podcast above in the video.

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