Jim Ross Says ‘It Is Guaranteed Conor McGregor Will Wrestle In The WWE’


It’s long been speculated that McGregor would one day head over to WWE, and fuel was added to that fire this week.

Jim Ross joined Colin Cowherd’s Fox Sports show on Thursday and said, with conviction, that McGregor will “definitely” make his way to the world of pro wrestling at some point in the future.

Jim Ross Said: “There’s no way you can convince me will not earn a massive check from Vince McMahon some day in the future.”

“It will not be a career deal, it will be a one-off special occasion, massive promotion. I would suggest maybe at a WrestleMania somewhere down the road. The attraction’s there, the marketing’s there, the money’s there… why not make it happen?”

“And so I think Conor is guaranteed for that, and I also think that Conor’s not done in the octagon, either. I think that he’s a competitor. He likes to prove he’s the alpha male.”

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