Jim Ross prefers New Japan over TNA


Jim Ross spent his life on the road. That is a requirement when you work for WWE. Ross would fly out of Oklahoma on a weekly basis. That takes a toll on a person. Once he left the company, Jim started having more control over his schedule. Apparently, he likes it. When Ross started talking with New Japan about doing commentary, his schedule was a major factor. He likes the freedom of being able to do other things. NJPW granted him that freedom. Thus, JR likes where he is currently at with his career.

Jim Ross rooting for TNA

Those that root against TNA are using this interview as ammunition against the promotion. They are skewing things by thinking that Jim Ross is negative of the company. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Ross flat out stated that he is rooting for Impact Wrestling. He frequently talks shop with Jeff Jarrett. The latter has told the former about his new vision for TNA. Jim just simply does not want the extra workload. Ross does not appear to be opposed to the idea of doing a special appearance. However, Jarrett has not made a decision on that yet.

Jim Ross prefers WWE

As a veteran, Jim Ross is wisely not ruling anything out. Deep down, he would love to be a commentator in WWE stilll. Ross never really wanted to leave. The fans did not want him to leave either. However, management had a different vision for their commentating booth. World Wrestling Entertainment was ready to move on from Ross. Jim seems to have accepted that WWE is not going to be making that phone call to bring him back full time. Of course, there is still a slight chance JR is brought back for a special appearance.

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