Jim Ross On Seth Rollins As The Top Wrestler In The Company, Cena’s Work Ethic & More


On the latest edition of “The Ross Report”, JR went into detail on his thoughts on Seth Rollins being the top guy in the WWE, Cena’s work ethic, whether he’ll continue to work for AXS TV and more. Here are the highlights:

JR On Football Player’s Love For Wrestling:

It’s funny how these guys used to watch wrestling. And that’s my hook-up to them. They listen to my work and Lawler’s work all those years on Monday nights. It’s really rewarding, quite frankly.

On Cena’s Work Ethic:

I’m so proud of him. I don’t think I’ve ever signed anybody or team ever signed anybody that was relentless with their work ethic with the work ethic as John Cena. And as the years went on, that work ethic was unrelenting. It never slowed down. He’s as dedicated now as the things he’s involved in as he could be, physically or mentally could be. I believe that.

On The WWE Getting Behind Seth Rollins:

Seth Rollins is a GREAT wrestler and when the company makes a firm commitment to get behind him at every turn of the road so that they got their next Cena on site, then we’ll see Seth continue to go up the ladder and finally reside in that promise land of legitimate WrestleMania level year-in year-out main eventers. That’s a whole team effort as I said earlier.

I don’t feel the commitment that Rollins is our next guy. Are they just waiting for Roman Reigns to come back after he’s kicked leukemia’s ass? Are they just waiting for Braun Strowman to get back into the picture? I think the thing to do is give the guy the chance to be the guy. And if he can be beaten out of that spot because of ability and performance, so be it. Not just a ‘this guy looks a little more impressive in an 8×10 type thing.

On Whether He’ll Work With AXS TV Again:

I have not, as far as I’m concerned, broadcast my last match on AXS TV. I’m unable to get back on their air until past the end of March, but I am optimistic that I will somewhere along the way in 2019 rejoin the team in some capacity. So just throw that in there, just saying.

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Credit: The Ross Report. H/T Wrestlezone

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