Jim Ross On Roman Reigns As A Heel: “It Seems Like It’s A Fit”


When discussing the latest news in pro wrestling on his podcast “Grilling JR,” Jim Ross mentioned that he sees potential in the newly crowned Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, as a heel. Good Ole JR sounds optimistic about finally being able to get Roman Reigns over as a heel definitively instead of a babyface who was getting booed.

“It seems like it’s a fit. At least now they have a fighting chance to get Roman over as a viable something. It’s not, ‘Is he a tweener? Is he a fan favourite? Is he a villain?’ We know pretty much what he’s going to be with Heyman.”

Roman Reigns returned at SummerSlam by attacking both babyface Bray Wyatt and heel Braun Strowman which seemed par for the course with Roman Reigns. The biggest difference was the level of intensity behind Reigns’ attack. The following week on Smackdow, Roman Reigns appeared beside Paul Heyman which cemented his new place as a heel. Reigns then went on to win the Universal championship by entering the match at the very end, low-blowing Bray Wyatt, and taking out Braun with a spear.

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