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Jim Ross Believes Seth Rollins Should remain WWE Champion Until WrestleMania 32


Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was interviewed on The “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” Podcast, Where he talked about Current WWE Champion of the World Seth Rollins and he believes that Seth Rollins Should remain WWE Champion until WretleMania 32 on 3rd April 2016.

Here is the highlights What he said, you can listen to the Entire Podcast here.

“I would not take the championship off of Seth Rollins until WrestleMania. At WrestleMania, if I have something that I believes works, then that is where he would drop the title. By then he would have had a full year and if he is not over and he is not a ‘made man’ after being champion, then you can’t blame the promotion.

I am very proud of the worker that he has become. He has a great mind for the business. He is a booker’s dream; in other words, he is a beatable champion. In the territory days or the live event days … theoretically on any given night that he is defending the title he can be beat.

He’s not so physically imposing that he looks unbeatable and I like that. If you are going to have a heel champion then I like one that has vulnerability.”

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