Jim Ross Announces His Departure From The WWE


On the most recent episode of “The Ross Report”, J.R. finally confirmed after months of speculation that he would be leaving the WWE when his contract expires on March 29th. Here’s what Ross had to say:

On It Being A Mutual Decision Between He & Vince:

I’m 67, I still feel I can get the job done doing wrestling play-by-play and I want to explore that opportunity and possibility. I’ll be moving on in a positive way, nothing but good things to say about everyone involved. You know, I have my critics in WWE as we all do, as people do when you’re there for very long. It’s a very unique community and I have no regrets. The smartest thing I ever did was come to work for Vince McMahon in 1993.

On This Not Being A Retirement For Him:

I don’t think I’ll be out of work long.

You can listen to The Ross Report by clicking HERE

Credit: The Ross Report. H/T PostWrestling.

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