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Jim Cornette Thinks WWE Star Could Be One Of The “Most Believable Wrestlers” In The Business


Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on various topics on his Jim Cornette Experience.

During it, Cornette praised Bray Wyatt for his ability to make everything he’s part of so believable:

“So Bray Wyatt comes out and gets in the ring. And again, like I praised him, and I’ve been trying to praise him. The laugh, the tone, the voice, the delivery, this guy could be one of the most believable wrestlers in the business. He could talk you into something and part of it is just waiting forever to hear and try to understand what point he’s making, but you can take the ride with him because it’s a colourful way of speaking.

And he comes out and he says this is me, the real me, no masks, no smoke and mirrors. Just me and you, it’s the real man, Bray Wyatt. And I’m the best version of him, I’m going to do spectacular things while I’m here. Because I’ve often in my life, I’ve often been out of control and I go to a dark place. I’m waiting for him to say something, and not to say [he’s not saying a lot], he’s saying plenty. I’m waiting to understand what he’s saying or what point he’s eventually going to make. He never actually gets there, but I love listening to it.

Because you think it’s built into something. There’s a lot of anticipation here, it’s a great delivery and he could be one of the most believable people like Blackjack Mulligan was as a promo when, let’s face it, I mean, he was so big and for a massive man like that, his work was good, but he wasn’t like Ricky Steamboat, but he could talk. He could talk you in, they built his cast of characters in Eagle Pass, Texas and he drew the people into what he was saying.”

Cornette went on to say that despite the fact that Blackjack Mulligan and Bray Wyatt both have a believable stage presence, Wyatt wants to establish himself as the most extraordinary:

“Well, this guy [Bray Wyatt] could do the same thing, but apparently it appears that he doesn’t want to be the most believable guy, he wants to be the most unbelievable, the most spookiest and take The Undertaker and Kane or wrap them up times ten with Papa Shango as a f*cking chaser. And as he’s doing this promo when he said he’s done horrible things, a part of him is not afraid to do that. But there’ll come another time when someone will ask me to do something horrible, I’m like, ‘What the f*ck?

And then the video pops up and it’s the guy [Uncle Howdy], someone in a spooky mask with quick cuts and darkness and effects, video effects, all over it. [He is] Doing a promo about mask wearing and no mask you’re wearing and I don’t know what the f*ck is going on now, I can’t understand half of it. But it’s spooky and finally he reveals himself as Uncle Howdy. It looks like, as I think a number of people have pointed out, a mask [of] if Barry Windham was a zombie is what the mask that Uncle Howdy wears. It just so happens that Barry Windham is his uncle.

It maybe makes him boy howdy, all these, you know what, that’s what happened. I said boy howdy so many times I finally conjured up Bray Wyatt. But I’m not saying that I’m trying to pitch the idea that Barry Windham is coming in to work with Bray Wyatt, I’m saying it’s his family. It’s another personality somehow of himself and with his convoluted family, dark thoughts in his brain that makes him do horrible things or whatever, but goddamn I don’t know what to think about all this.”

Quotes via Inside The Ropes

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