Jim Cornette Talks On Lio Rush Twitter Controversy


As noted, WWE NXT roster, Lio Rush, posted some comments that were not taken well by other WWE Superstars.

Jim Cornette commented on the Lio Rush Emma tweet on his podcast:

On if He Know Lio Rush:

“Well here’s the thing and disclaimer I do not know i do if I’ve ever met Lio Rush it Would have been a handshake in a Locker room in last few years and i can’t imagine where that would have been I know he’s worked for Ring of Honor but not when i was around so I don’t know this f**king guy, don’t have any opinion positive or negative except what i reads in the paper.”

Apparently this f**king Lio Rush tweeted well Emma got fired and Lio Rush tweeted “What Happens When You’re Not Ready For Asuka.”

Jim Conrnette said: “ I’ve never seen her [Asuka] either so I don’t give a sh*t about any of these people, I’m just reading this on the internet.

You can listen full Interview above in the video.

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