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Jim Cornette On ‘Why He Left GFW/Impact’


Jim Cornette left The Global Wrestling Force Wrestling. On ‘The Jim Cornette Experience’ Cornette opened up about the whole story.

Jim Cornette talked about what happened between himself and GFW on The Jim Cornette Experience. He says he’s not going to bash anybody.

He only announced he would be at Bound For Glory after receiving a graphic from GFW showing Cornette in front of a Bound For Glory logo.

Cornette revealed that he had a phone call from Jeff Jarrett and asked him to come into GFW and address the issues on television.

He seemed to enjoy his experience in GFW and has known Jeff Jarrett for a long time so he was happy to come back to Impact Wrestling to make up for the unfortunate reasons why he left the company while Dixie Carter was in charge.

Cornette explained to Jarrett how he didn’t want to do anything full-time and Double J told him “let’s just get to Bound For Glory” which was acceptable for Cornette.

When they were taping the episodes and Cornette realized since he wasn’t being carted off in some fashion while shooting the last episode that he’d be coming back. A date for early November was agreed upon and Jarrett said they might be able to get everything they needed in three days worth of shooting with Cornette which was also agreeable.

Then Cornette read online about Jeff Jarrett taking a leave of absence from GFW. Cornette called someone from GFW about Jarrett and the person he spoke to said ‘he didn’t know what they were going to do next’. Cornette said he’s “on the team now” and instructed them to give him a call.

Cornette said he passed the word along to the new creative heads of Impact Wrestling that he would be willing to tape something for television to get him out of his role as an authority figure if they needed him to. He also said if they wanted to keep using him then he would be okay with that but since he kept finding out all this news about the company on the internet his enthusiasm was dwindling.

Then it was announced Bound For Glory would take place in Canada which concerned Jim Cornette a lot. Cornette said he’s had promoters change a venue or a city on him, but never switch the country of a scheduled event before now.

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