Jim Cornette Explains Exactly Why Vince McMahon Re-Hired Bruce Prichard


As noted, Bruce Prichard has returned to work behind-the-scenes in WWE as the Senior Vice President of the WWE Creative Team. Regarding the confusion over his actual role with the company, Jim Cornette spoke to this matter during a recent appearance on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast.

As Cornette explained, Prichard was re-hired by WWE in a role that essentially has him using his knowledge of Vince McMahon’s signals and ways of working as a strength he has that he can explain to the rest of the team in a more understandable and direct way.

Cornette spoke to McMahon’s eccentric way of working and how it resulted in Vince Russo emerging as a lead writer for the company years ago.

“It was about twenty two years ago as a matter of fact and I was there when Vince got fed up and decided that he wanted to go with the only person that wasn’t responsible for anything and that is how we got Vince Russo because he was mad,” Cornette recalled during his appearance on the aforementioned podcast. “Here’s the thing; he sends out in a lot of cases (and we used to joke about it) he sends out what he wants by mental telepathy and if you don’t pick up on it it’s your fault. I’m sure that he’s been thinking, Vince McMahon didn’t not hire Bruce Prichard back because he’s the greatest booker since Bill Watts or Toots Mondt, Bruce Prichard is going to serve on the creative team because Vince McMahon knows that Bruce get it.”

Cornette continued, “He gets it and he can relay it to other people. What is “it”? “It” is what Vince McMahon likes and what Vince wants and I he is probably (and I can see Vince sitting there) saying that they just don’t get it, these damn people and these kids they just don’t get it.”

As far as whether or not it is a good or bad thing, Cornette again simply pointed out that Prichard “gets” McMahon. Whether or not that is a good thing is a case-by-case basis.

“I didn’t comment on the quality or the quantity,” said Corney. “I’m just saying that Bruce gets “it” and “it” is what Vince wants.”

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