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Jeff Jarrett Talks Road Dogg Working Behind The Scenes For WWE, His Creative Skills


Jeff Jarrett discussed Road Dogg during his latest My World with Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett worked with James in WWE as Brian James was his roadie. They’re also good friends although James did replace Jarrett as the Senior Vice President of Live Events earlier this year. Here are the highlights: 

Road Dogg’s creative skills:

“I think Brian was the most talented member of DX from a creative perspective, but if you go back and watch different matches, I don’t think Brian gets enough credit for his in-ring skills.”

Whether he realized Road Dogg had an issues with his addictions in the 90s:

“I certainly didn’t know that addiction was a disease of the brain. I had zero clue. I didn’t even really give it a second thought about demons. I thought an alcoholic was somebody who lived under a bridge. Brian’s not that. He’s got a job and he’s super talented and this and that. What I know now versus what I know now. Back then, I truly thought Brian just didn’t give a F. He’s an outlaw biker. He’s going to do things my way or the highway. Test me all you want. I don’t care. I was into alcohol but that wasn’t on our test list, but I never really correlated that, okay, I just knew that he did. I chalked it up as not a demon, but that he’s going to do things his way.”

Road Dogg working behind the scenes for WWE:

“Brian having the ability to see the complete canvas I think is his greatest gift today. I’m saying behind the camera, take a step back and whether it’s when the guy walks out or how the guy walks out, his entrance, how he hits his finish, how he gets his hand raised, how he does certain moves, sequence of moves, just all the artistic creative ability, Brian is a master at curtain talk. He literally can watch something and make little minor adjustments that mean everything.”

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