Jeff Jarrett On His 2019 Royal Rumble Appearance


Jeff Jarrett was a guest on this week’s WINCLY podcast. During the interview, he discussed how his 2019 Royal Rumble appearance came about. Here are the highlights:

On His Appearance At The 2019 Royal Rumble:

I got the call and I said, ‘What’s the game plan? Where are we headed. They said ‘Double J.’

You’re talking about the original Double J? I’ve had a couple of evolutions – Jeff Jarrett in 1986 in Tennessee to WWF to WCW to TNA to AAA and a few places in between to New Japan and Bullet Club and all of that. So, I said if I’m doing Double J, I’ve got to go all the way.

On Keeping All Of His Old Ring Attire:

I’m a pack rat. There’s only a couple pairs of tights I’ve worn throughout my career that I don’t have. I save everything. Last year at the Hall of Fame, I had to go to the warehouse and get that stuff because they requested it to put it out at Axxess.

Those are the tights that I wore at WrestleMania 11 – me vs. Razor Ramon…. Those were the tights, so 24 years later Nick, I dug them up and put those same tights on.

On Only Finding Out His Would Be In the Rumble Days Before The Event:

I didn’t have much time to prepare. But they told me, ‘Hey, don’t worry about a hat. We’ve got the hat and it’s working.’

So, I kid you not, that is the original blinking hat. So 24 years later, they put a new set of Duracells in there…that is the original hat with the original tights, just my body is 20 years older.

On Being Able To Work With Elias:

Stepping out Sunday in Chase Field, and that reaction and the surprise factor, and obviously Elias – what better No. 1 if I’m gonna be No. 2. So, there was some magic made those last two nights. I’ll definitely say that.

You can listen to the full episode of WINCLY below:

Credit: WrestlingInc.

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