Jeff Hardy Says He Wanted To Do A Hardy Boyz vs. Usos Cinematic Match, How The Final Deletion Inspired The Boneyard Match From WrestleMania 36


WWE superstar and pro-wrestling legend Jeff Hardy was the latest guest on Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions (available on Peacock), where the former world champion spoke about a wide variety of topics, including how he wanted to tag with his brother Matt in a cinematic match against the Usos. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Talks how the Final Deletion inspired the Boneyard Match from WrestleMania 36:

“In a sense I think [The Final Deletion inspired The Boneyard Match from WrestleMania 36], yeah. Because, even watching that match because of the pandemic, you kind of had to think outside the box, be unique. Yeah, it reminded me a lot of The Final Deletion, Delete Or Decay, all those cinematic matches we did but yeah, I still love those matches.”

Says he dreamed of doing a cinematic matchup with his brother Matt against the Usos inside a penitentiary:

“I always had this dream before Matt left the WWE to have a match with The Usos in some old, broken-down, locked up penitentiary, because The Uso Penitentiary is their thing and I wanted to go in there and have some kind of wacky cinematic matches in an old prison. But we never got to do this.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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