JBL Says WWE Shouldn’t Do Shield Reunion With Roman Reigns, Shane Training For Summerslam


This week’s Bring It To The Table with Peter Rosenberg, JBL and Corey Graves. JBL says a reunion of The Shield is not necessarily a positive thing. JBL believes Roman Reigns is the guy they want to carry the company and sell the tickets but Reigns with The Shield didn’t sell tickets. JBL says Reigns is the guy everyone comes to boo, and that sells tickets & merchandise. Graves loves the potential for Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose but he wonders if the WWE Universe would react differently to Reigns if they did a full-blown three-member reunion.

– SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon tweeted the following on being the special referee for Kevin Owens vs. WWE United States Champion AJ Styles at the August 20th SummerSlam pay-per-view.

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