JBL On Roman Reigns Being The Future Of The Company, Not Liking Titus O’Neil In His Current Role


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Recently on WWE Network’s Bring It To The Table, WWE announcers Corey Graves and JBL weighed in on a number of current happenings in the WWE Universe including the ongoing feud between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, the formation of The Welcoming Committee, and Titus O’Neil potentially transitioning to an on-air managerial role on WWE programming.

On the subject of whether Reigns has been carrying Strowman in their matches over the course of their continuing program, Graves said that it takes two to tango, though ‘The Big Dog’ bringing the big fight to ‘The Monster Among Men’ has forced ‘The Abominable Strowman’ to elevate his game to another level.

“Listen, I think absolutely it takes two to tango. Roman Reigns definitely helped and forced Braun Strowman to step up his game and what they created was magic. This is one of my favorite rivalries going right now in some time.”

In JBL’s view, Reigns is correct in pointing out that Strowman was not putting on many strong matches prior to working with the former world champion. JBL went on to say that Reigns is the future of WWE and consistently puts on good matches.

“Roman Reigns has good match, after good match, after good match. I mean, the guy is the future of this company. And people who want to hate him, please continue to do it. It certainly is your right, but you’re hating him for the wrong reason. This guy goes out and puts out quality after quality [match] every single night.”

With respect to The Welcoming Committee coming together to fight their perceived common threat in Charlotte Flair, JBL professed that he likes the faction as it gives direction to talents who were not figured in on SmackDown Live; however, Graves indicated that he does not like The Welcoming Committee insofar as the group seems “thrown together”.

“It seems like a thrown together group of women. They’re all talented. They’re all unique in their own way. But just by labelling them The Welcoming Committee and all they seem to be concerned with is eliminating Charlotte, I feel like SmackDown Live’s women’s division is going to suffer as a whole for it.”

In regards to O’Neil’s possible million dollar move into managing, Graves seemed to in favor of the transition as he claimed “what [O’Neil] lacks in the ring, he more than makes up for with his verbal ability.” JBL was not as enthusiastic about the idea, arguing that ‘The Real Deal’ is simply too big to be a manager.

“Look, the guy looks like a million freaking dollars. He looks like a hall of fame athlete, which he is a world class athlete, but who in the world is he going to manage that he’s not going to dwarf?” JBL said, “Titus O’Neil is too big to be a manager because he dwarfs everybody because when you look at Titus O’Neil, you go, ‘wait a minute! I don’t want to see that guy! I want to see the guy who looks like a million freaking dollars in a suit! That’s who I want to see.'”

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