JBL Names His Top Heels In WWE Today & More


JBL appeared on Busted Open Radio recently. During the interview, he discussed what wrestlers need to do in order to get over as a heel in today’s atmosphere, as well as his all-time favorite heels and who he considers to be the best heels in the WWE today. Here are the highlights:

JBL On What Wrestlers Should Be Doing To Get Over As Heels Today:

I think it’d be easier now than ever, but the guys have got to stay in character. We stayed in character 24/7. People would think you’re a horrible person, but you don’t want to see a guy at the airport, and smile, and be friendly. Look, this is an old school mentality. I get that. People don’t like it anymore, but it’s what we did and you didn’t want them coming to the arena and saying, ‘hey, I met that guy – he’s actually a really good guy,’ and tell everyone around him because that’s what they’ll do. You want people to think you’re this bad guy. You live this character 24/7.

I would see these guys trying to be heels and right after some dastardly deed on Monday Night RAW or SmackDown, they quote a bible verse and say how great it is to help people on social media. You’re killing yourself because these same people who follow you on social media are the same one that watch you on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown, and they’re the ones out there saying, ‘you know, he’s really a good guy; I like him; he’s a good heel.’ If somebody tells you, ‘you’re a good heel,’ you have failed miserably. If you’re selling t-shirts as a heel, you’re selling them, then you’ve failed miserably. If you have a heel section, then you’ve failed miserably. You want to be the most socially [unredeeming] person when you walk out there.

JBL On Who He Thinks Are The Best Heels of All Time:

Oh yeah, I think Piper, to me, was the greatest heel of all time, most likely, I think, now, that being said, in mainstream. I think Fit Finlay was the best heel I’ve ever seen and there was no question about that. Fit Finlay, when he was in Europe, 20-something straight years of the same towns, the same territories, and he was still the top guy when he left. I don’t think people realize how good Fit Finlay was. He was the best heel and probably the best worker I’d ever seen.

JBL On The Best Heels In The WWE Today:

Look, I think Randy Orton, he has obviously been around a long time, but I think Randy Orton can be a terrific heel. I think The Miz can be a terrific heel. Miz enjoys being a heel and I think he’s actually very good at it. People look at him and want to hate him. That’s what you want. Someone mentioned to me at FOX, ‘what a wonderful guy,’ but on air he comes across as a guy, you just want to punch him. That’s what a heel is.

You can view the full interview below.

Credit: Busted Open Radio.

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