JBL Deletes Tweets on Dusty Rhodes, Comments on Having “One Too Many”, Cody Rhodes


Former WWE Champion JBL took to Twitter today and admitted he had a few too many alcoholic beverages while running wild on Twitter last night.

JBL, who was celebrating his 52nd birthday and watching the NFL game yesterday, posted a series of tweets that took shots at Cody Rhodes and made a mention of Cody’s late father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

Cody did acknowledge the tweets but his comments have since been deleted. He wrote, “I’m thinking JBL had a few drinks tonight…”

JBL’s two tweets that referenced Dusty have been deleted but most of the tweets are still live as of this writing. Below are text from the deleted tweets along with screenshots plus the tweets where JBL admitted he had a few too many:

“Ok, not wanting a comeback-but I could beat @CodyRhodes any day in any match, just like I could have beaten his daddy. It’s simple math. Now back to my @dallascowboys”

“I’m retired. But @CodyRhodes couldn’t beat me if he tied me to a tree. Neither could his dad.”

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