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Jamie Benn Suspended 2 Games for Cross-Checking Mark Stone


Jamie Benn Suspended 2 Games for Cross-Checking Mark Stone NHL Trade Talk.

Jamie Benn has been suspended for two games for his cross-check against Vegas’ Mark Stone. The incident took place in the final moments of Game 3, resulted in a major penalty and game misconduct for Benn, and was immediately shared all over social media, with most calling the play dirty and knowing a suspension was likely coming. But, instead of taking responsibility for the play, when asked about the incident and before the news was shared that he received a two-game suspension, Benn said, “The game happens fast, emotions are high. Obviously, I would have liked to not fall on him and use my stick as a landing point.”

During the video of the NHL DoPS’ ruling, they note that Benn seizing the opportunity and proceeded to deliver a forceful cross-check to Stone’s head and neck area. They emphasized that Benn was in complete control of the play and deliberately chose to execute the dangerous cross-check on a prone player.

Terrible Timing for the Stars

The suspension comes at a critical time for the Stars, who are already facing a challenging 3-0 series deficit against the Golden Knights. Sitting the next two games may potentially mark the end of Benn’s season, dealing a significant blow to a team that desperately needs all the help it can get.

Benn has been an instrumental figure for the Stars throughout season, contributing three goals and eight assists for a total of 11 points in 15 games. His absence on the ice will undoubtedly be felt. This is do or die for the Stars and they’ll have to overcome a traditionally and nearly historically impossible deficit without their captain.

As the Stars fight to stay alive in the series, they must regroup and rely on their collective effort to compensate for Benn’s absence. This is a severe setback and it will be intriguing to see how the franchise accepts the ruling, and how they feel about their captain if they are eliminated rather quickly without him. So far, the team is supporting Benn. One has to wonder if that will change at all down the line. Benn has a history of fines, but this was the first time he was suspended. 

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Jamie Benn Suspended 2 Games for Cross-Checking Mark Stone NHL Trade Talk.

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