Jake Roberts On Using His Addiction In Storylines, Not Needing Titles & More


Jake “The Snake” Roberts was recently interviewed by “Sportskaeda”. During the interview, he discussed using his real life issues for story line purposes, not feeling like he needed titles to be considered successful and more. Here are the highlights:

On How He Felt About Being Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame:

It was absolutely fabulous you know. There was no question how much talent I had or what I had done for wrestling. My interview work, my wrestling over the years. There was never a question there, but what was a question on how is Jake doing? You know, I have never been the guy to hide behind, I never kept secrets.

I was very outspoken about my problems because I wanted people to learn from it, but at the same time when you put yourself out there like that, then you get labeled. It’s like, wait a damn minute, I’m trying to do something to help kids, people, and now you’re going to jerk something away from me because I’ve admitted these things? You know, it kind of stung.

When the call finally came in it was probably one of the happier moments in my life. I just wish that my Dad could have been around for it. He wasn’t, and that’s that. I’m happy to be part of it, and very grateful to the WWE for giving me that second opportunity, the third opportunity, whatever it was, to go in.

You know, I belong with some of those guys, not all of them, but I belong with some of them.

On How He Felt About Using His Addiction As A Storyline In WWE During 1996:

It stunk. It wasn’t my idea I’ll tell you that.

On Whether He Needed A Title To Get Over:

Absolutely man, absolutely. That’s the reason they have titles man. That’s why they got so damn many of them because they’re trying to get guys over. When you’re dealing with children, “He’s the champ. It means something special,” but if you’ve got to that point to where you’re recognized, and you are, then dude just go do your job, C’mon man.

Let’s be honest, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels are the only two guys who thought they won the title anyway. Everyone else knows different so we’ll leave it at that man. No disrespect to them. They both worked their butts off and truly loved the business, but it’s a business, and Jake The Snake didn’t need it.

You can check out the full interview by clicking HERE

Credit: Sportskaeda

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