Jake Roberts On The Original Idea For Earthquake Squashing Damien


During his interview with Inside The Ropes, Jake Roberts discussed the infamous angle that saw Earthquake squash Damien while Jake was helplessly tied to the ropes. In the interview, Jake revealed that Vince McMahon originally wanted to have the angle go down where Jake didn’t see what was happening. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, that was an idea that was brought up and we went with it and the only thing that I called attention to was, Vince wanted it to happen where and I didn’t see Earthquake do the damage to Damien, but I argued with him on that and said it’s more important this guy ties me to the ropes, and this guy to show me what he’s doing. Because that’s really evil. That really shows a lot of strong hate, man. For anybody, you’re caught in that position of being tied in the ropes, you can’t do a damn thing about what’s going on… It really gets to people and that got a lot of people. RSPCA gave me a hard time!

Credit: Inside The Ropes. H/T HERE.

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