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Jake Hager Discusses WWE Bringing in Velasquez After His Debut, Bellator, and AEW


Jake Hager, the former Jack Swagger, was a guest this week on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. Helwani asked how he chose AEW over anyone else.

Jake Hager: This was like a no brainer. This is the best thing that could’ve happened. It was all kind of teases and a little bit of fun. Then, this summer the greatest wrestler in the world, Chris Jericho, started recruiting me heavily to come to AEW. And, you know, when Jericho comes calling you don’t say no.

Helwani was curious how Hager was able to do both AEW and Bellator. He mentions that he’s concerned about how much he’s put on his plate.

Jake Hager: Really, its not that much different. You just move your rest days around.

Helwani asks whether or not Hager will be taking some time off from AEW this month to prepare for his fight later this month.

Jake Hager: Now, where would the fun in that be, Ariel? I’m a fun guy, right? Are you accusing me of not being fun? I like to put pressure on myself, I like to push myself. We had to move around some stipulations I had in my contract, but like I said, Bellator has been great.

Helwania brings up Cain Velasquez and his debut for the WWE last Friday on Smackdown. He wonders who Hager believes had the better debut.

Jake Hager: Oh, well if you’re asking me then I think I 100% had the better debut. I don’t know if you heard, but I had 14,000 people chanting for me and I didn’t even have to raise my hand for it.

Hager continues by jokingly mentioning how WWE brought Velasquez as a response to his debut for AEW on Wednesday Night Dynamite.

Jake Hager: I think its interesting, though, that they saw me surprise debut and a couple days later they had Cain come out. Kind of rush-hush-hush. Hmm? Hmm.

(Credit: Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show)

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