Jack Swagger yet to be officially released from WWE.


Jack Swagger has not yet been officially released from his WWE contract. The All-American alluded to a potential stint in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) after publicly requesting the WWE to release him from his contract, on MMA veteran Chael Sonnen’s ‘Your Welcome!’ podcast’s March 1st edition.


In case you didn’t know…

Jack Swagger (real name- Donald Jacob Hager Jr.) is a former WWE World Heavyweight champion and NCAA-Div 1 All-American wrestler who was touted to be the next big thing in professional wrestling, when he first broke through into the big leagues during his time as ECW champ. However, after a DUI and drug possession incident in early 2013, WWE Creative eventually sidelined him, with the company mainly using Swagger as a jobber for other up-and-coming superstars.


The Heart Of The Matter:

It’s no secret that ever since his relationship with his employers soured after the 2013 DUI fiasco, Swagger, one of the best technicians on the WWE roster has been sidelined by his employers. Except for his Real-American gimmick alongside Zeb Colter, Swagger hasn’t been a part of any relevant storylines on the main roster. Furthermore, Swagger surprised the pro-wrestling world as well as the MMA community, with his statements on ‘The American Gangster’ Chael Sonnen’s podcast. Here’s the American Gangster’s tweet about Swagger’s alleged WWE release-

Nevertheless, multiple sources in the US including WrestlingInc, have denied rumours about Swagger’s release from the company which is in direct contrast to Sonnen’s claims.


What’s next?

The Real American Jack Swagger’s WWE future seems to be uncertain, to say the least. On the other hand, the recently unretired Sonnen is recovering from an embarrassing submission loss to Tito Ortiz at Bellator 170.


The WWE really dropped the ball with Swagger and his apparent dissent toward the company coupled with a public demand for a release from his WWE-duties is well-deserved. Now mind you the DUI and drug possession scandal notwithstanding, why the company chose to bury him on the undercards after that incident is a bit puzzling especially given the fact that the WWE has been known to have bailed out several top superstars out of legal troubles in the past.

As for Chael Sonnen, he’s been known to make controversial and outlandish statements on a myriad of issues in the past. Considering that, it isn’t really surprising that he’d tweet, in his own words, ‘Insider Information’ about Swagger’s future inside the squared-circle. Honestly, Sonnen’s claims seem to be nothing more than attention-seeking by the MMA-vet.

That said, Swagger seems to be adamant about leaving the WWE and regardless of what the future holds for the ex-WWE champ, we wish him the best of luck going forward.

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