Jack Swagger Announced for UK Show !


Jack Swagger was leaving WWE after nearly ten years with the company. This was followed by an announcement that Swagger would be appearing at an independent show in the UK. However, it seems that WWE has some ideas of their own.

According to, WWE has put out a statement saying that Swagger has NOT been released from his contract and even if he was, there would be a 90 day period (during which WWE would pay him) where he wasn’t allowed to appear anywhere else. This becomes a problem when a promotion in the UK released the following image:

We’ll keep you update on this rather confusing situation.

Opinion: This is rather confusing as you would think Swagger would know if he had actually been released or not. It certainly seems that WWE isn’t cool with the idea of this show and the fact that the promotion is owned by Paige’s family and featured Alberto El Patron, who left WWE last year. This could get interesting in a hurry.

Corbin attacks Crews before coming face-to-face with Swagger: SmackDown LIVE, Sep. 13, 2016

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