Ivory Talks How Much She Made During Her Time With GLOW, Netflix Series Accuracy On Auditions


2018 WWE Hall Of Fame nominee Ivory, also known as Lisa Moretti, recently spoke with WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin on The Steve Austin Show. Among many other things, Ivory discussed her experience as Tina Ferrari on the original GLOW series. Specifically, Ivory talked about the GLOW audition process, how the depiction of the audition process on NETFLIX’s GLOW series stacks up to the real thing, and how much she was paid during her run with GLOW.

According to Ivory, she went with a cheerleader friend to the GLOW audition.

“One of the cheerleaders, Nadine is her name, she was my buddy and she was an actress. A lot of the girls were choreographers, dancers, actresses, so she got an opportunity to go on an audition for this wrestling show and she called me to go with her.” Ivory asked, “‘why the hell would I want to do that?’ Of course, like everybody, I imagined huge women. ‘I don’t know anything about it. Why would I go and get my ass kicked? For what? You’re crazy!'”

Ivory recalled that she was intrigued when she arrived at the audition and an armed guard was on hand making sure the girls got to and from their cars safely.

“I went and it got even more exciting when we found the location.” Ivory continued, “so we show up and we’re going to this boxing gym and there’s this big black guy out front and he had a gun. And he was making sure all the little girls got inside the door safe. Back to your car, out of your car, so now this did not deter me. I was starting to get intrigued. Now it’s getting to be fun.”

Apparently, Ivory got really interested in the pro wrestling instruction at GLOW when the instructor, Mando Guerero, made one of the girls cry for flouting his rules of no laughing and no hanging on the ring ropes.

“The training starts and Mando Guerrero is the guy in charge. Lucky Mando! He gets to train a bunch of bimbos! So imagine that poor guy, right?” Ivory remembered, “early on into the training, some girls are hanging onto the ropes, and, of course, when he teaches us how to sell, that’s awkward and it can be a little bit funny. We get some giggles going. Not me! The bimbos. So, oh my God, he just snatched one of these girls off the rope, laid her down, applied some pressure, and made her cry. Oh! That’s when I was like, ‘I’m in. I want to learn this.’ Not because she cried, but because it meant so much to him and that this was real training.”

Also, Ivory put over NETFLIX’s GLOW as accurately depicting the real life audition process.

“That’s what’s so great about the NETFLIX show, that first few episodes of showing that collection of people traveling through this audition and sitting in the bleachers, ‘oh,’ raises hand, ‘so, are we really going to wrestle? You want us to be wrestling characters?’ And they’re like, ‘what?’ That’s how we were and even if you were there because you’re an actor.”

Ivory divulged that she made $400.00 per week at GLOW.

“I’ll give you numbers. I gave numbers to everybody.” Ivory said, “I made $400.00 a week for my tenure at GLOW. I was there for about nine months.”

Check out the podcast here.

Credit: The Steve Austin Show with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: The Steve Austin Show

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