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Ivelisse On Her Confrontation With Bill Demott


During her interview with Pro Wrestling Junkies, Ivelisse spoke on her time in FCW (now NXT) and how she was one of the first people to speak out against the way Bill Demott was treating the talent. Here’s what she had to say:

There’s not all bad in anything. I’m very grateful for working with a lot of great agents that were there like Ricky Steamboat and Norman Smiley. I’ll stick with the positive and say I’m grateful for those guys and all the other great agents and coaches that were there. I try to absorb as much as I can, and I’m very cerebral when it comes to wrestling, so my ears are always open. Towards the end, the whole thing with DeMott really had a negative imprint on me. My time was cut short because of the whole thing, but again, there’s not all bad in anything, and I’m really grateful for the positives.

As far as standing up for myself [to DeMott], that’s just part of my DNA. It’s something that can easily get turned around. I’ve always just been the type of person that doesn’t take– it’s very hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I feel like someone is demeaning me, or disrespecting me, or whatever. I hate politics and I believe in 100% professionalism from everyone equally.

I don’t like when someone abuses their power to stomp on others. It’s hard for me to not stand up to that. Not just for myself but for others as well. It’s just kind of part of my DNA. It’s sometimes like I do it out of nature, and then I’m like, ‘Well, whatever comes from that – may it come.’ I just have a clear conscience that I did the right thing.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Junkies. H/T WrestlingInc.

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