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ITTF Executive Board Announces Key Decisions During Busan 2024 Summit


The ITTF Executive Board convened during the Busan 2024 Summit, marking the conclusion of fruitful deliberations and decisions.

Commencing the session, the Board extended congratulations to the hosts of the highly successful ITTF World Team Championships Finals Busan 2024. As the inaugural ITTF World Team Championships in Korea Republic draws to a close, heartfelt appreciation was extended to the Korea Table Tennis Association, the Local Organising Committee, and the city of Busan for their exceptional hospitality and flawless execution of the event. Acknowledging the exemplary leadership of fellow member Ryu Seungmin, the event was lauded as one of the best in ITTF history.

In a significant move towards ensuring fairness and equal opportunities across all continents in the realm of table tennis, the ITTF Executive Board has approved a crucial proposition regarding the incorporation of continental events in player rankings.

Currently, according to the ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking Regulations, a player’s ranking is based on their best eight non-expired results, with the provision of only one Continental/Regional event counting at any given time. Under the proposed change, Continental Championships, Continental Games, and Continental Cups will maintain their ranking impact for an additional twenty-six weeks if a continent hosts fewer than two such events in the ranking cycle.

This proactive measure underscores the ITTF’s steadfast commitment to fostering fairness within the global table tennis community, further solidifying its reputation as a champion of equitable competition. For further information, please consult the ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking Regulations available here.

Furthermore, the Board endorsed the implementation of the Table Tennis Review (TTR) system at the ITTF World Championships Finals 2025. A trial period will now begin shortly. Designed to enhance the adjudication process, the utilization of advanced technology through TTR will facilitate more accurate application of existing Laws and Regulations. TTR will provide instantaneous replays of circumstances pertinent to a disputed decision, thereby empowering video match officials to review and potentially overturn rulings based on concrete evidence.

The ITTF Summit 2024 will conclude in Busan on 27 February, culminating with the ITTF Annual General Meeting 2024.

Looking ahead, the forthcoming ITTF World Championships and Summit are slated to take place in Doha, Qatar in May 2025.

ITTF Executive Board Announces Key Decisions During Busan 2024 Summit International Table Tennis Federation.

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