It’s confirmed, OM have carried out a first operation on the transfer window


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On loan with an option to buy from Manchester United, Eric Bailly has been disappointing since the start of the season at OM. So much so that Igor Tudor uses it less and less lately. One way to prevent his purchase option from becoming mandatory at the end of the season…

Last summer, OM upset their defensive sector. It must be said that with the departure of William Saliba, Pablo Longoria had to completely revise its plans and rebuild its rearguard. In this context, Chancel Mbemba, Samuel Gigot And Eric Bailly arrived. And if the first two manage to give satisfaction, it is less the case of the player loaned by Manchester United.

Bailly less used to avoid a transfer?

In effect, Eric Bailly disappoints. Between his injuries and his long suspension at the start of the year, he plays little, and even when he is on the pitch, he is not the expected boss, a role perfectly embodied by Chancel Mbemba. Therefore, theOM does not intend to keep the Ivorian, and while his option to buy may become compulsory if he plays 50% of the matches, he is used less and less. Since his return from suspension, Eric Bailly has only been established once in Ligue 1, it was against PSG to compensate for the absence of Chancel Mbemba And Samuel Gigot. With the result that we know…

“Tudor cannot count on him full time”

In the columns of Provence, Rolland Courbis also commented on the situation ofEric Bailly, who is going through a complicated period at OM. ” Given his fragility, Tudor cannot count on him full time. He has to build something solid for the long term with parts that are not known to be the most reliable on the market. “, assures the former Marseille coach, who does not seem very warm either at the idea of ​​​​seeing Eric Bailly staying at theOM.

It’s confirmed, OM have carried out a first operation on the transfer window 24hfootnews.

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